Friday, February 27, 2009

Wow, what a large post today! Its so HUGE! Sorry you suckers with slow internet! Just kidding! (no not really)

I tend to do these in chronological order, from early day to late day. But I am feeling slightly lazy about rearranging them again in the teeny weeny blog window that is NOT photo friendly.

Anyway, fun with long exposer! Those lines are really phantom lines, they are ghosts!
There they are again! This time the moon wanted a part of the ghostly action!
These here are ducks, or whatever... Flying MEAT, yea that's it!
A quiggle of ducks? Or a heard, oh good grief! What am I saying?!
A pigeon gettin all up in my face, it has that perfect "Im a dove, you know the one that brought that olive branch back, yea thats right!" Dove... pigeon... I say Pigeon, you say dove! Blah! Take that encyclopedia britanica!
Long exposer, with tripod of course, duh...
I love sharp pictures, this one is great and I love it. Love it!
Practicing some ZoooM effect, turned out well if I do say so myself, and I do.
Couldnt help myself, this setting was just gorgeous!
More birds, flying like they do.
This guy was all like, "look at me Im mowing my lawn with the wrong tool in the wrong season!"
Asymmetrical living! Hooray for uniformity!

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