Thursday, February 26, 2009

THESE ARE PICTURES, YOU ARE LOOKING AT THEM. DONT LOOK TO HARD LESS YOU GO BLIND. (I disclaim any blindness caused by my pictures, or other wise bad grammer)

And now on to the pictures, and OH BOY they are curious! Look at it! Its snowing so hard I went slightly insane! No not really! Over used Italics!

Now see Wal-Mart has the right business model, no matter how bad it is outside, you force your trucks to deliver their goods no matter what! Snow, non-sense! The Wal-Mart goods must go through!

This poor trucker, he was being pummeled by side-ways snow! Oh the humanity!
At least someone is having fun in the snow, and that dosnt include or exclude the chance that a harry sasquatch, somewhere, is having fun in it either. Dang dirty mythical/undiscovered ape!
ZoooooooooM EFFECT! Its awesome no matter how commie you are! You commie!
I really enjoyed shooting in this weather, it was blowing freezing snow yes, but it was an enjoyable experience. And my frost-bitten-snow-covered-ears are rejoicing! What did you say?!
This is prolly some poor Wal-mart worker, they are dedicated cause they park where they should. (I park nearly to/in/on the doors! Mwhahaha, in your face Wal-mart! )

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