Saturday, February 28, 2009

There is a time in every blog that we have to do things that we don't like.. and this is one of those occasions. I must post something I shot today, and no matter how crappy I think it is. These next few are dull and boring in comparison to yesterdays, or even before yesterdays, posts. Im so sorry people that dont read my blog....

Its a jet stream trail, no not a funnel of wind that occurs naturally, but a you know! (Ignore that grayish blob, it was some alien space ship or spec on my windshield. You be the judge!)

At the corner of the intersection I pass everyday. Some psycho thought I was taking a picture of them, when they pulled up next to me in line of this shot. They then proceeded to back up, roll down their window and gestured some motion of obscurity that I didn't understand. I went happily on my way as soon as the light changed. Hooray for loonatics that think they are being photographed!
More intersection fun! No loons at this one...

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