Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Today was boring, I admit. But alas I shoot anyway!

So they where changing the HDTV's in the electronics department and they had them all sitting in one area. Thought it looked interesting. I want one of those bigger ones!

Some chick jogging, as I was driving by as I do all the time. Hooray for candid drive by shots!

Me driving, of course. I had a hard time handling my behemoth camera, aiming it back at yourself is hard when its super huge.
This here jet was not crashing as to popular thinking, it was flying very fast. That smallish speck in the left corner is another jet too, I think it was in the ionosphere.
My place of employment. It was so dead today. Had a few interesting encounters (some of the 3rd kind by the looks of them *shutters*), but thats about it.

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