Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ouch, my guts hurt! I feel sickish! But, the... show... must... go... on....

Here we observe the beast of the road in its natural habitat. It seems to have captured food and brought it back to its den were it is feverishly consuming it before it ventures back out into the wild. These creatures are social at a distance and often mumor human like sounds in which the communi-ca usually ends in a 'breaker breaker'. Be cautious of these beasts, they often eat their young and will attack with great ferosity (and often times without warning).

I often wonder where all that stimulus money goes. And here it is! Some kinda military trailer thing. Prolly to haul all our money around Iran/Iraq.

Its a glass with pills in it. Actually its a shot glass with pills in it, but whos getting technical here?! Not I says me! :P

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