Monday, March 9, 2009

So, I have decided to post shots from the last day the next day. That means I will post up work from yesterdays today. IE 3/9's shots are post on 3/10, but the post itself will show it was posted yesterday, confusing? Only if your a half wit.... This makes my post editing and choice of shots less stressed. Think of it like a newspaper! Its so much more exciting a day later! :D

This was shot a day after our second storm, early morning. I would have stopped to compose these trees better, but alas I was driving in fog and the conditions for stopping where not applicable. Enjoy the aura of 'Lord of the Rings' type lighting.

Its my mommy! She is clearly happy! She is so going to yell at me for posting this, but like any good journalist/photographer, the shots must go up!

Hey look who it is! Its ZoooM effect! Bath in its zoomyness or be a half wit, I dont care!

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