Sunday, March 8, 2009

So, I got snowed in today. It started late but I didn't arise till late morning. Stupid day light savings...

Here is an example of the snow buildup that we had today, I mean look at that! It was all over the door and everything, it was like sticky-glue-snow.

I didnt even drive my car today, this was just from sitting in the parking lot. I moved it cause this stuff was like freezing rain/snow. Stupid nature!

My breakfast. I love chicken embryos... mmmm...

Jack all looking through the window at the storm, he wanted to escape. Look at the look in his eyes = escape.

Another shot of the storm, it was actually very bad weather. This is only like the 15th bad storm we've had all winter..... I want to escape like that darn cat! Except I want to go to Hawaii/Florida :D

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